The coastline and its problematic

How does the city interact with the site ,or even  the coastline .jounieh as a central city for buisness interactions and hospitality services to its subarbs  ,is becoming less and less dependant on the coastline .understanding this distinction between the city and the costline ,i started analysing facades ,not by there ornaments .but of there height and mass that  form as a fortress wall .giving the city behind it very minimum visual interaction to the site .in between ,there is also no physical connections towards the coastline ,because of the privatization of entrances and the land that  have direct connection to the site. After i set my problematic ,i started analyzing architectural spaces forming my fortress facade .i  depicted on the scale and the intervention of the voids between the buildings and how is it connected to elevations behind it  .these interlocking spaces gave me a peak of how the city could intervene with the site .in the end i started setting  a relationship between these voids to the qualities of the site such as main circulation,topography ,vertical and horizontal spaces ,accessibility ,scale ,and propotions .

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