Grades for Assignment 1

Hello again,
The grades for assignment 1 are out. they are on the blog under assignments, between assignment 1 and 2. a small evaluation follows for each student.

Pin Up this Tuesday at 2pm

Hello all,
A reminder of what you need to work for this Tuesday, presented on an A0

\3d of your case study, to scale plans and sections, images of project and its context

\ diagrams of your case study:
i- programmatic ( color coded axonometric/plans/sections). abstract program diagram showing its concept.
ii-circulation (shown on a 3d axonometric), showing public and technical flows.
iii- site strategy of the project
vi- structural system (shown on a 3d axonometric), clarifying structural elements of the project.

\\ program proposal for your site
i- your choice of new programmatic function ( 2000 m2), a diagram of its organization, and justification of this choice for the social/ built context.
ii- 3d program proposal for your entire program ( 7000 m2), supported by a serie of diagrams showing the program concept, its relationship to the site, the public/technical flows, ect...

A0 portrait, 2pm sharp.