Plans. ( Diagrams on the way )

Plans For Now

Miss I spent the whole night waiting for the computer to work between each step I made I had to wait like 15 minute for it to move or rotate. I don't know why, it's the first time this happens so much, so I couldn't get any work done, but I tried.
I will be posting the plans for now, and today I will work on the computers in the lab and I'll definitely finish much faster.

Mohamad Safieddine p4

Ms Sandra this is not my final submission and finalizing the system diagrams and they will be posted in a couple of hours .


Project 4

Ass 4

Site plan:

:Axo colored:
 3d Views:

 Drainage system:
 3d Views:

Circulation and function diagram:

Wall section

Hi Miss,

For some reason my computer got really slow handling all the files I had open, and Illustrator crashed. I wasn't able to recover the file, so I will have to repeat all the diagrams. I will post to the blog later tonight as soon as I finish them again.

Ahmad Almawi Post

Ahmad was not to post so i am posting on his behalf


Louay Ghaziri P4

Ground floor plan
1st floor plan
2nd floor plan
axo from sea

city side elevation

sea side elevation

sea side elevation
city elevation

structural system
columns to support prestressed concrete slab

columns get wider at a double hight space according to the hight

wall section from the logging
prestressed concrete slab it can hold up to 20m spam

wind mills are to produce electricity and placed facing the wind direction at the highest points
trees are spread facing walls, 1) To deflect noise. 2) for cooling purposes
roof gardens are to deflect heat from the roof into the project, since this side is mostly facing the sun, and to benefit from rain water
since the project is on the sea shore its benefiting  from the wind both to produce electricity and for cooling , the wind circulates in the project and exists from another side thus keeping the project cool.