site maps

All Sites have been delineated in a thin red contour line. 
Please respect these lines when tracing on Autocad.

Beirut Site ( Scale 1:489)

Jounieh Site (Scale 1:407)

Tripoli Site ( Scale 1:413)


Hello All,

A recap of today's session.

i- You are currently 20 students. I am listing you by the sites you will work on.

Beirut Site (7):

01- Louay Ghaziri
02- Aya Lamaa
03- Mazen Sleiman
04- Hiba Hteit
05- Abbas Sweid
06- Rim El Fatayri
07- Nadeed Safa

Jounieh Site (7):

08- Sara Addam
09- Ghida Khayat
10- Omar Meski
11- Maya Mansour
12- Mohamad Safieddine
13- Katia Chehayeb
14- Jihane Bou Khalil

Tripoli Site (6):

15- Soumaya Salloum
16- Fadel Makhzoum
17- Dana Zaidan
18- Ahmad Almawi
19- Laura Baidoun
20- Ali Abbas

ii- insert the google site map which i loaded on the blog in autocad, scale it to the right format ( 1meter= 1 unit) and print it before you visit the site.
before your first visit, get yourself a sketchbook, and camera and a letter from the university saying it's a school project. go visit the site for a first short time before Thursday.

iii- back home, use autocad to trace the major lines around the site to the extends of the images.
bring a 1/250 and a 1/500 print out on thursday, along with your sketchbook to see your preliminary notes/sketches/diagrams.

iv- be ready to discuss the readings and how to use the discussed methodologies in your site enquiries.

v- and bring samples of your last project on A3/A4 ( samples of analysis work, samples of final boards, printed images of model). No A0 and real models please.