interesting perspectives/mood images

In all these images: 
1-architectural 3d lines are obvious, taken from a 3d model. 
2-texture or hatch or material render is happening where the focal point of the image should be ( a space, the material of a wall, the ground plane, the horizon, the sea, the mountain, the sky...).
3- images are taken from a pedestrian/ eye level.
4- people are always in the foreground and animate the scene.

final review and p4 submission

dear all,

a small reminder after today's session:

1- the layout for the final review boards will be 4 A0 landscape and NOT 6 A0 portrait.
this tuesday at 5 pm, everyone should submit on the blog the basic layout for his/her 4 A0 boards.

2- Assignment 4 due will be on Sunday at 5 pm on the blog. it will be 5% of grade.
comments and feedback will be on the blog on monday at 11 am.

3- final review order: i will post it on the blog on monday, with my comments on your P4 submissions.

important dates:
sunday at 5 pm sharp: P4 submissions
monday at 11: my comments + final review order
tuesday at 5: your 4 A0 layout submission
monday 28th at 10.30 am sharp: final submission

i will be available all this week to give you feedback on representation/other production queries. don't hesitate to email me for that. i am posting examples of good perspective/collage/mood images that you can use as reference.

good luck,

final review requirements

Site and Program Analysis
Concept Diagrams + Relevant Research
Systems Diagrams
·   [structure and skin] system.
·   [environmental performance] system.
·   [circulation and program] system.

II- Drawings
·   1: 1000 detailed site plan including context and landscape
·   1: 250 detailed ground floor plan including landscape
·   1: 500 detailed plans of all levels
·   1:250 detailed sections (1 longitudinal and 3 transversals)
·   1:250 longitudinal elevations (seaside and cityside)
·   1:50 Wall Section and details
·   General Axonometric
·   Perspectives and Experience images

III- Models

·   1:50 Sectional Model
·   1:250 detailed Building Model
·   1:500 Model to be inserted in the site model
·   All previous models

I- 6 A0 portrait orientation.
II- 1 DVD that incudes:
-All submitted A0 boards of all assignments in jpg (300 dpi) AND in illustrator/photoshop/cad
- all drawings
-Pictures of mid-review, final review and sectional models on a black background

28 January 2013, 10.30 am sharp. 33 % grade