final layouts

Ahmad Almawi Post

Layout For Final

louay ghaziri-layouts and updates

board 4

board 3

board 1
general axo
structural grid

im going to use solar panels on the volumes laying on other volumes and since the roof gardens are on the accessible levels this shows the difference between the volumes that are over lapping and serves as part of the skin and materiality of the roof. In addition the inclined roofs above the ramps make a slope for the water to go down on the roof garden thus absorbing it and show the change in the direction and level of each volume

site plan

ground floor with land scape


Nadeen- final layout boards

For my site plan, is the integration between the wood deck and grass more smooth this way?

Final Layout



May Change especially the part of the axonometrics

final layout


Final Jury Layout

All Squares are measured to be fit in exactly.