Feedback for Assignment 4, part 1.

The skin system should have a systematic justification (in a diagram) to how the closed/ transluscent panels are placed in relations to the functions inside, and not just as a triangulation pattern that looks cool from the outside.
I prefer that the skin is made of closed/louvered (and not transluscent) panels that don’t necessarily follow a triangulation logic, but obey more to the needs of the inside functions.
As for the wall section:
1.     you should have a much more detailed expression to how the glass ( black lines) connect to the revolving slab (red). This part is underdeveloped compared to the composition of the slab.
2.     I prefer that the lower skin covering the ground floor to be removed, because the way it connects to the floor, it kills all the floating allure that the volume has.
3.     Refer to the comments I wrote on the wall section to move on.

2- Ahmad:
In your first submission , I think the 2nd and 4th models are the best trials, but I don’t know how they are different from each other. Where are the sections that show how skin and under skin are interacting? Where is your concept diagrams? Wall section?
The sections and plans on your second submission are not smart, and kill the potential of these two models. Please give them another shot.

3- Laura:
refer to my comments on your drawings

4- Hiba:
refer to my comments on your drawing

5- Louay:
Where is this wall section taken? And I don’t see the double height spaces that we discussed during our last correction. No update?

6- Nadeen:
Ok for update but your wall section is not the best you have in the project . Look for a more interesting sequence, and represent the thicknesses adequately ( slabs so thin!)

7- Mazen:
refer to my comments on your drawing. Your wall section is not at all reflecting the tectonics. The column is so heavy when it’s placed at the extremity of the terminal roof, and there should be a stronger connection/ better language between column and roof. The thicknesses of the box above are so thin!, they should be thicker to reflect the structure of box, in addition to flor and roof cladding. What happens to the structure between terminal roof and floating box? How does the box float?

8- Katia
Ok for changes, Ok for second section location, but I think it should extend to all the width of the site. The section’s thicknesses are very thin, do not include layers, and do no include the edge of the water. What is your materials and skin system? What is the relationship of wall to roof? Glass to wall? Glass to ground? Do your research and express those details in a new wall section.

9- Sara
Ok for changes, where is your wall section?

10- Aya
Where is your wall section?

11- Abbas
What is your concept? Where are the concept diagrams that explain it?
The wall section doesn’t mean anything at this point, because I don’t understand the project, and where it is taking place.

12- Soumaya
The project seems more developed; keep developing it especially in changing the water edge, and doing a very precise rib structure. The wall section is not very interesting. I think you should expand it to include the middle space. Please refer to Enric Miralles details while doing your wall section. I doubt that the columns are needed. The walls should be your structure.

13- Dana
Your wall section should expand to include a couple of volumes and to clearly reflect the roof above them. what is this glass wall? There shouldn’t be one if I look at your axonometric.

14- Ali
Of all the elements that you submitted, the longitudinal section is the most interesting, but it is very continuous and lacks voids. Please work on it to make it less monotonous, by using voids as attractors and articulators between different programs. There is no need to use the truss system the way you are doing it in the wall section. It is over designed. A concrete slab system will do. The marketplace should be different than the rest of the functions in the building. It should have also a different expression in model, yet integrated in the overall project. Your wall section should take place in an interesting part of the project. Right now it doesn’t inform further than a normal section.

Mohammad, Omar, Fadl and Ghida, you have been given a failing grade for this part of the assignment, because you did not submit anything.
Mohammad and Omar, i got your email, but you had plenty of time between the 22nd and today to resubmit on the blog. but you did not.
Fadl and Ghida, your lack of submission is beyond any excuse.