I have always thought that when you're concerned with the project, your main concentration should be on the project itself and not how it affects its surroundings. Although in previous design classes we have worked with site analysis to a certain extent, the readings have helped me and my other colleagues to truly relate the surrounding of the site to the site itself. In terms of urban planning, landscape, such as buildings/roads and other factors (traffic,pedestrian,surrounding public spaces etc..), the site analysis and the different emphasises each one of us chooses to concentrate on have a huge effect on how our design project will be and mainly how its starting point will begin. Personally, the panoramic view from the site has already made a difference with how I want to kick off with this project. In Jounieh's Mina, the site is surrounded by different scale buildings, but not big structures such as stations or malls etc.. That's why, the ferry we're working on will have its own impact on the surroundings of the site, hence contributing in some changes of how one views the Mina and the coast overall. For that, the ferry station has to be well related to the site in order to keep a homogeneous effect, which brings us back to the site analysis. Through concepts and analysis, one will be able to complete the missing puzzle in the picture of this beautiful Mina. 

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