comments on assignment 4

the structural grid is still missing beams and columns in the terminal area.
Ventilation: Your cross ventilation needs to show how your voids (under library) are optimizing this ventilation. Do it in three transversal sections, rather in axonometric. Choose a better representation of hot/cold air.
Ok for solar panels.
Where is your program and circulation diagram? Sectional model?
The grass should not be all over the roof, and especially not over the cantilever part.
Think of how your roof topography could help water drainage and rain water collection as an environmental system.
Where are your structure and skin/program and circulation diagrams? Sectional model?
How will you make openings in the skin for the hotel rooms?
Where is your systems diagrams? Sectional model?
Your submission is full of unacceptable orthographic mistakes. Ventilation. Fa├žade. Sunrise. Concrete.
Your solar panel system diagram is not clear at all. Your ventilation should show on a transversal and not longitudinal section. Where are program/circulation and structural diagrams? Sectional model?
Your landscape/ground floor plan is not following the spirit of the project. Forget the ugly curves you are doing and work the landscape trees/grass/paving in rectangular zones that follow the spirit of plan. Your plans are very schematic/ inexistent.
Your exploded structural axonometric is ok. Where is your circulation/program diagram? Sectional model?
No for the solar panels on the roof. No to your landscape expression in plan. Work landscape in architectural lines and not predefined hatches. Embed some of the solar panels in the slopes you have rather than putting them as objects on the roof.
I think your ground floor plans should also include hatch between interiors (same as upper levels color) and exteriors ( put lighter landscape lines). Ok for diagrams. Where is your sectional model?
Your plans are still schematic. Where is the link between rear access and waterfront walk? Where is the landscape? Text? Levels? Doors?
Where are your systems diagrams? Sectional model?
I still feel that your roof plan has a disconnection in the way you allocate green versus deck areas. Merge them more.
Don’t put turbines on the roof. They will kill the project.
The landscape doesn’t show in your ground floor plan. Please express it more. Where is your sectional model?
Ok for plan improvements. Ok for circulation axonometric. Where is your structural diagram? sectional model?
Your sections still need work to allow for a better inner space/ventilation. What happened to the roof materiality you showed me in the last correction? Where is the rest of diagrams and sectional model?
Your layout looks like it’s an execution file. Please let go the circle and number for each drawing. You should add a 3d view that is close and not always looking from far, so to have an avant-plan full of people.
Ok for plans and diagrams. Sectional model?
The conceptual move should be more clear in your sections and plans, and in your wall section. How does the upper elements read differently than the lower open space in each of the plans/ sections/ wall sections.
Missing diagrams and sectional model.
Missing diagrams and sectional model. No further comments on plans
Missing diagrams and sectional model. No further comments on plans
Missing diagrams and sectional model. In the plans what should read the strongest is the voids. Not the longitudinal stripes of green.

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