Integral Knowledge - Predesign/ Site Analysis

After reading the texts, I came to realize that an understanding of the site and its environment/urban structure is an integral part of building and is a prerequisite for a good design. Thus the site surroundings and design go hand in hand. I also learned that it is some sort of a predesign research that focuses on existing and potential conditions on and around the building site. In Tripoli’s case, the preservation of the history embedded in the existing area and initiating the potential activities that my design could have is vital to research about. The building location on the site is basically established by different viewpoints, and this I should also be aware of. Tripoli’s Mina has a strong relationship with one of the main roads that establish a co-existing force with the site. Moreover, the site’s location and size is integral with the other location and sizes of the existing buildings around it: The industries’ huge scale in proportion to the small-scaled residential buildings that engulf the site. I also realized that the neighborhood context could alter the function of the design, in this case the presence of a commercial, residential and industrial context could depict a new language to what should/or shouldn’t be on the site. Other factors, even if they seem unimportant, could mold elements and concepts later used in the design; such as wildlife, climate, culture, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, access, historic factors and utilities are all factors that should appropriately be studied for the particular site. The ferry station should meet its requirements however relates well to its’ external environment, and that could only be achieved through an understanding of these issues before designing. Moreover, since the ferry station will in fact last for many years and be used by people all over Lebanon then the analysis of the site should be taken into account. Future problems and capabilities should be resolved before starting with the design and this can be achieved by taking into consideration the materiality (since it is extremely humid around the Mina) and the relationship between the future station and the site itself (it should somehow ‘improve’ the traffic –function). Basically, take advantage of the good things nature has to offer and protect against the bad aspects of the site. Through those concepts and analysis only (that will later be developed) will I be able to develop incorporate meaningful responses/interactions with the external conditions of the site.

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