Ghida Khayat

Site analysis is an essential and inevitable process in design. One of the key ideas to site analysis is being able to see beyond the obvious, beyond the borders of the site itself, by contributing to its surroundings. a site is radically influenced by its various surroundings locally and on a global scale. It is also important to understand the site’s historical, social and economic background, because all of these factors create a fusion of multiple realities that collide. Our site in Jounieh is surrounded by commercial public areas such as hotels and restaurants, along with private spaces such as military zones and residential areas. The site integrates with the public spaces surrounding it, which makes it a productive public active space that is inevitably connected to its surroundings. But the site as it is now allows minimal interaction with its surroundings, and does not take advantage of the opportunities presented to allow maximum interaction between the site and its surroundings by getting rid of the boundaries that are limiting us and venturing into the unknown.

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