In this assignment, you will develop formal massing strategies for your project based on factors discovered in your first two assignments.

Your massing intervention needs to engage the site, rethink existing conditions, urban context and topography (or lack of topography), and design new tectonic and land-formation relationships that change the experience of the site and the perception of the city.

The waterscape should be foregrounded in your transformation, focusing on designing a threshold between the water and ground, whether interior or exterior.

Redesigning the entire ground of the site, whether landscape, waterscape, or indoor space is a prerequisite in this assignment. No area in the site should be left unaddressed. Cantilevers, engaging the water, changing the site topography and the edge of the water are permitted.

Method: Develop a tectonic operation/language that guides your design actions, your urban concept and adapts to small scale and large-scale spaces of the program, and to the different spatial experiences of the users.

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