It seems that all the readings stated different approaches and ways in which the site analysis should be done. Sculpture in the Expanded Field by Krauss, Stated that there is a notable relationship between architecture and landscape. Moreover, he displayed different combinations regarding both terms and what they represent. In tripoli's case, The corniche, the parking lot, the boat's workplace and the surrounding historical buildings should be taken into higher consideration for the next phase when designing our future site. In another reading "Site Matters" by Burns and Kahn, The discussion regarding the boundaries has be dressed. We learned to look at the site from different lens, lets say the overall experiance. If we take for example downtown Balad in beirut, we can see an open city with invisible boundries. Yet we precieve the facades of the city as a boundary but however we can simply cross the road and enter downtown without getting stopped or passing by a gate! and this is according to the reading considered a successful boundary. In tripoli's case, the corniche road acts as a boundary that seperates the corniche and docks along with the site from the city. However, this precieved boundary is successful as we can simply cross the road from the site and enter the city.On the other hand, Burns and kahn brought up the issue of representation. This term involves the city's political, philosophical and symbolic situation. Hence, in tripoli's case and if we go more further and say The Mina's case (which our current site is located), it has been discovered that the Mina area is seperated from Tripoli in 1882 under the Ottoman governance. However, the Mina has a significant importance which is the port of Tripoli itself being under it's governance as well as its close to the relatively small Mina port where our site is accurately located. However, future plans states that large expansions will undergo the port of Tripoli which may increase the traffic of the cargo ships entering the area. This will however effect the area in which our new project is placed. These effects are positive and negative. Positive, as more spotlight will be stolen from the city center towards the port as it will have a major people densities being relocated in that place, causing higher job apportunity rate in the area and thus making the Mina a city of more importance as what it used to be before giving it a better scope in citizens and tourist attraction. However, the negative side is that the ferries which will enter the area will be restrained by the increasing number of ships which will enter the area towards the port of tripoli. Moreover, one of the site's main attration is nature and low noise rate. With the completion of the port of Tripoli's expansion, a louder noise and a less cleaner water will be a setback in the future. 

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