Aya Lamaa

When choosing or defining a site,one must look at concepts,terminologies, and ghraphic conventions. As an architect designing in beirut, i should think about what the site does to the city and not the opposite. An urban site in defenition should be dynamic and porous. Until reaching a succesfull design, we should pass by all faces of a creative representation and analyisis(political,philosophical,symbolic.aesthetic,and visual....). Only then we will be able to start proposal for elements inside. The final design should offer an understanding to the area near and the city.
After the modern movement, the definition of the sculpture has differed.What is called a sculpture now lacks the internal logic.It is no longer a monument giving a realtion or a use in the place it is located in. It is now a category resulting of a non-landscape,non-architecture. This issue reflect the designs we are seeing now adays, with their complete disconnections to their surroundings.
It is like relating it to beirut site, and turn around relating between the horizentality of the buildings.Observing the site around we can see how the traffic is filling the place in the most important areas of beirut,and how can we figure out some ways to solve connections, and provide a better function.

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